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Prizes to be awarded in locked TIA for eligible non-US participants, or USDC equivalent for eligible US participants

April 30th 4PM UTC - May 2nd 4PM UTC

Capture the Flag


Join the CTF challenge in collaboration with Node Guardians where you will represent your House and compete in 5 CTF challenges over 48 hours. The Bazaar will kickoff the CTF challenge with a workshop by Node Guardians on April 30th at 4PM UTC to give you an overview of the platform. There will also be a livestream for the a few select hackers competing in the CTF.

Rules & Scoring System

Participants will tackle five CTF challenges, each with a unique difficulty level ranked from 1 to 5, where 5 represents the highest difficulty. Points are allocated based on difficulty as follows:

  • Difficulty 1: 10 points
  • Difficulty 2: 20 points
  • Difficulty 3: 30 points
  • Difficulty 4: 40 points
  • Difficulty 5: 50 points

The first house to solve each challenge, known as "first blood," will receive a 1.5x multiplier on the base points. Houses finishing in second, third, and fourth place for each challenge will receive only the base points, without any additional multipliers.

Each house is welcome to participate fully, but only the fastest submission per house will be awarded points. Participants can track progress in real-time via the CTF leaderboards, which display which teams are leading and completing challenges the fastest.

A global leaderboard will also be available to monitor overall scores throughout the event.

Winning House🏆 1x $2,500

🥇 Winning House gets $2,500 in Prizes
🏡 Chance for Winning House to have branded Hacker House during Modular Summit
🎨 NFTs for hackers from winning House
🎫 Free tickets for hackers from winning House to attend Modular Summit 3.0

Important Information

  • Participants must register for the CTF challenge by completing the Infinite Space Bazaar form by April 30th 4PM UTC.
  • A Github ID is required on the ISB sign-up form. If you have already registered for the hackathon, you are automatically eligible to participate in the CTF challenge.
  • Participants must represent their chosen House from the ISB Discord server. Collaboration with fellow House members on Discord is encouraged to tackle the CTFs. Selecting a different House from the one designated on the ISB Discord will result in disqualification.
  • The winning House will determine the distribution of the prize among its contributing members.